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Industrial Action 3D Product visuals packaging renders infographic models

Industrial Action 3D create striking computer generated 3D models of products, packaging and environments using the latest CGI software.

Our renders have been used by top retailers to test out their new pack designs, and to look at potential new point of sale displays.

We also model 3D graphics for businesses creating versatile imagery that would be impossible with photo editing software. See out latest robotic butterfly for Opus IP as an example of our capabilitities.

3D visuals are a cost effective way to view the future without having to prototype a product.

Our recent work

3D branding models, infographics renders and CGI visualisations

A great way to realise an idea is with 3D branding models. We go beyond the limitations of photography and create 3D branding models, infographics renders and CGI visualisations. For our client Bewley’s Coffee we created detailed infographics to show the importance of extraction time when producing an espresso. These […]

3D branding models, infographics renders and CGI visualisations

3D packaging

Packging visuals are a really cost effective way to see how graphics and packaging could look without having to produce mock ups. Over the years we have created 3d pack models for clients including Bewley’s coffee, Fortnum & Mason, and Morrisons. Once the pack has been modelled graphic alternatives can […]

Fortnum & Mason coffee packaging 3d model