Industrial Action Limited was started in 1996 by Giles Walker  - I am a Product Design graduate of Sheffield Hallam University. At the beginning of the 1990's 3D modelling was in its early days and I produced models created at dedicated workstations by inputting code. It was slow and tedious work.

I entered the creative industry in 1992 and trained with one of the original American ad agencies: a global firm called DMB&B. Here I worked on the blue chip accounts of Tetley Tea and The Royal Mail developing strategic TV, Press and Poster campaigns. I also worked on new business development that included Red Bull, and Sega. After DMB&B I was hired by Lowe Howard-Spink to launch the Vauxhall Vectra (the replacement for the brand leading Cavalier).

In 1996 I returned to Leeds to start Industrial Action Limited, a graphic design business. In 1998 Industrial Action began working with a coffee roaster called Bolling Coffee and in 2006 launched a brand called Grumpy Mule. The brand was very successful and soon found its way onto the shelves at Waitrose and John Lewis. Coffee shops and Universities were keen to serve Grumpy Mule and requested ever more involved point of sale materials. Re-designing retail spaces and packaging required more than photo retouching so we invested in Maxon C4D - high end CGI software widely used in the film industry. Ten years on we use 3D modelling widely across our clients to create photo realistic promotional images, mock ups and infographics.

Industrial Action 3D brings this skill set to a wider audience. We welcome individual commissions for 3D visualisations. You can request a quote here, or simply call us on 01943 461825.