• 3D branding model of a pen knife for Walsh Taylor Group
  • 3D infographic for Bewley's Coffee showing espresso extraction process.
  • 3D butterfly robot visual for Opus IP
  • 3D butterfly robot visual for Opus IP
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A great way to realise an idea is with 3D branding models. We go beyond the limitations of photography and create 3D branding models, infographics renders and CGI visualisations.

For our client Bewley’s Coffee we created detailed infographics to show the importance of extraction time when producing an espresso. These were used in their barista training guide and have been subsequetly used by their client Cafe2U. To create such visuals without CGI would involve a complex photography and many hours of photo retouching to comp all the elements together. That’s not to say that such an infographic didn’t take long, but once completed, the scene is then editable and can be rendered from any angle. In this case the branding on the cups could be updated and the fonts revised when Bewley’s updated their corporate identity.

For the insolvency group Walsh Taylor we wanted to show that they had a tool for every eventuality, so we created a branded penknife with imaginary fold out objects. Each object represents a business service. This branding device is now used across their printed literature and website. You can see it being put to good use here.

Opus IP are patent agents. Their brief to us was to visualise how they capture an idea for their clients. We created an electronic butterfly as a metaphor for capturing and preserving something of intellectual beauty. You can asee the butterfly in many forms on here.

If the examples you’ve seen on this page have got you thinking, please get in touch, we’d love to work for you.

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